Chasing Rabbits

“The man who chases two rabbits, catches neither.”  ~Confucius

Our family is the proud owner of two of the cutest, sweetest, and most affectionate dogs in the world.  Although they are quite athletic, I cannot include talented working cow dogs to their list of attributes, much to the dismay of my husband.  But all of that is okay with the kids and me.  Daisy and Trixie, as we call them, are great companions. 


When we are outside working, playing, or running, Daisy and Trixie are always close by.  Well, always close by might be an exaggeration because these two dogs have a habit that is naughty yet very interesting to watch.  They adore chasing rabbits.  Our two Border Collie-Australian Shepard crosses are lightening fast and more times than not, they end up catching the rabbit they set out for. 

 Yesterday, on my down and back to the mailbox run in preparation for the Running Mate Sweetheart Virtual 5K, I witnessed one of the rare exceptions to their typical success.  They were nosing around in a pile of pipe and jumped two rabbits at the same time.  Daisy shot out of the driveway with Trixie hot on her heals in blazing pursuit of the two furry pipe dwellers.  As nature designed them to do, the rabbits went in opposite directions and the dogs hesitated for a split second.  Then the dogs set off in the direction of the rabbit headed east but they were several strides behind it now so they about-faced and attempted to run down rabbit number two.  However, as you can imagine this particular little critter had already made it to the fence and was westward bound at a high rate of speed.  The dogs clumsily bounced back and forth between the paths of the two rabbits for a few moments before admitting defeat and falling in behind me to finish up our run.  I guess Daisy and Trixie haven’t studied much ancient Chinese philosophy.

The last few weeks has created a feeling in me that mirrors the moment when Daisy and Trixie were floundering around trying to decide which rabbit to chase.  Between being a good mom to my three little kids, a good wife to my darling husband, building my home business, fulfilling my duties in community service organizations, and wrapping up the year-end bookkeeping for the ranch, my house is a complete and total disaster.  Rather than logically weaving housekeeping into my day, I have been doing a whole lot of frantic spinning my wheels and not accomplishing anything. 

Luckily, I know the solution to my problem.  I desperately need a routine!  But how does one go from frenzied, undirected activity to efficient, purposeful action?  For me, it all begins with one of my heroes, the FLYLady.  My sister introduced me to her a few years ago and, despite my original balking at the idea of a creating a structured home flight plan, all I have to say now is God bless the FLYLady!  She has a really straightforward system for avoiding CHAOS and keeping a home running smoothly, efficiently, and crazed-mother-breakdown free.  I have started, implemented, and mastered this program in the past but as I added more and more to my plate, I have slowly let my FLYing go by the wayside.  But I am back on the bandwagon now! 

FLYLady’s program is a series of baby steps that eventually turn into a well-organized routine.  The first step in FLYLady’s program is to shine your sink.  Yep, that’s right.  Shine that puppy until it sparkles.  And keep it that way no matter what.


It seems like a very small and insignificant undertaking but it is a giant leap toward developing a plan and getting back on track to a house that won’t make a person want to turn off all the lights and hide in the closet if anyone drops by for a visit.  Trust me.  I haven’t ever actually hidden in the closet but, oh boy, have I wanted to!  I am babystepping my way back to a routine that incorporates all aspects of this busy home life I have created for myself and it all starts with a shiny sink.  I am FLYing high now and being more productive than I have in a long while. 

Housekeeping rabbit, you better run fast because I am after you with a vengeance!

Until next time,



2 comments on “Chasing Rabbits

  1. Davy Delgado says:

    Good morning,
    I noticed your mention of Karen’s book…could you tell me a little bit about it? Thanks.

    • purelymom says:

      Hello! I would be happy to tell you about Mom’s book. I know I partial, but it is REALLY good.

      The Comanchero’s Grave is a novel written for young adolescents but is really appropriate for a variety of audiences including adults. The exciting plot of good vs. evil takes place on a ranch and is filled with touching, scary, and hilarious moments. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in ranch life, mystery, or just a good old enjoyable read.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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