Introducing Quick Tip Tuesday

Good morning!

A few weeks ago I stumbled across the website .  I am officially hooked on The Get Fit Guy, The Nutrition Diva, and Grammar Girl.  Sounds crazy but these experts deliver their tips in concise eight minute or less podcasts.  Now that’s how I like to receive information!

In the spirit of Quick and Dirty Tips, I have decided to create a new section of my blog called Quick Tip Tuesday.  This will be a weekly, short and sweet post containing helpful (hopefully!) tips for all things to do with physical, financial, and spiritual fitness.  Email me ( your own quick tips or leave them in the comment section if you’d like!  I would love to make this an interactive conversation!

Quick Tip Tuesday Tip #1:  Conquering the Incredible Inedible Eggshell

My family and I eat a lot of eggs.  Most mornings you can find me in my kitchen scrambling, frying, or poaching these  perfectly portioned orbs of protein, usually with a kid on my hip.  The kid on the hip obstacle is what often leads to the only problem I have with eggs, stray eggshells.  If you’ve ever tried to single-handedly fish bits of broken eggs shells out of a batch of pre-cooked scrambled eggs or a bowlful of cake batter, then you understand this frustration.  It seems like no matter the tool you choose to use, a spoon, paper towel or even your finger, to pursue the perpetrating shell the tool acts like an eggshell repellant.

Quick Tip:  Use an intact eggshell half to remove broken pieces of shell from places they shouldn’t be.

It really works!  I didn’t take the time to study about polarity or chemical composition to explain the magnetic attraction that occurs between the two pieces of eggshell but there definitely is one.  And just in case you are wondering about the cleanliness of commercially produced eggs, you can visit to see that the washing process and standards of sanitation are really quite extensive and remarkable.

There you have it.  A quick way to banish that icky feeling of crunching down on something foreign in your otherwise delicious egg dish.  You can even do this with one hand tied behind your back or around the middle of the baby on your hip!

Thanks for taking the time to participate in Quick Tip Tuesday!


4 comments on “Introducing Quick Tip Tuesday

  1. Tracy says:

    Oh, and its awesome you could get the eggshell out, have a kid on your hip And take the picture!

    • purelymom says:

      Thanks Tracy! Ok, you got me. I had to set the kid down to get a picture of getting the shell out but he was right back on once I set the camera down 😉 Funny girl…

  2. Weird…thanks! I shall try this out soon.

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