Intentional Observance of Lent

“…and thank you for our family.  Please keep us safe and healthy.  Please watch over PaPa and make his body strong again…”

Mama, don’t forget about my bike.

“…and thank you for Ike’s bike…”

And the trashcan.

“…and thank you for the trashcan…”

And Nat’s finger.

“…and thank you that Nat’s finger is all better..”

And the semi.

“…and thank you for the semi…”

That’s all.

“…in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

This is an excerpt from the bedtime prayers I helped my son, Ike, say last night.  It is pretty much the same every night.  Sometimes it takes quite a long time because his list of thank yous and concerns goes on for seemingly ever.  His innocent and sincere gratitude for even the most trivial (to me) things me makes my heart happy.  Ike’s immediate reaction to thank God for everything in his little life that he loves is so sweet to hear.  A real life example of “Praise God from who ALL blessings flow…”

As the sun is rising on this Ash Wednesday, I have the prayers of my children on my mind.  Rather than simply giving up sweets in observance of Lent as I have done every year since I can remember, I want to concentrate on praying the way my kids pray; constantly, consistently, unabashedly.  The sacrifice of sweets will just be a reminder to pray, an outwardly sign of an inwardly faith.  I want to emerge from this season of penance, reflection, and fasting with a new habit of continually saying “thank you” for the many, many blessings that surround me and often go unrecognized.

“Pray without ceasing.”  1 Thessalonians 5:17

How will you be observing Lent?


3 comments on “Intentional Observance of Lent

  1. Karen Kelling says:

    Wow, Beck. I’d call you but your blog made me cry–in a good way. At church this morning, the priest said just what you said. Giving up sweets is good but also make a habit of praying more.
    My morning included a call from the computer doctor. I’m thankful that my 3,000 viruses did not corrupt my hard drive. Okay, I’m also thankful for my kids and grandkids.

    • purelymom says:

      Awww. Thanks, Mama. Your comment made my day! There were many times today that I REALLY wanted something sweet so I prayed a lot. You were definitely high on my list of thank you’s!

  2. redkim11 says:

    Wow, Beck, how did I miss this?! I went to your blog just hoping maybe you put up a post, and wildly gratified. I am working on Self-Discipline. In all areas. I wish you could bottle Ike’s prayers up. They are perfect. (Hi Mom!)

    PS. Tell Ike I love trashcans and semis too. Really. And I’m thankful Mom likes her kids and grandkids and the virus didn’t destroy her computer.

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